The Show Grounds

Located at Aipus Rugby Field, the show grounds are open to the public from 9am to 4pm. Get there early, to witness the cultural groups streaming in, chanting and marching in formation, to fill the main arena, bringing all the energy of the festival atmosphere with them.

What to See


A spectacular showcase of traditional dance presented daily en masse. THE highlight.

Initiation and marriage ceremonies, spell casting for fertility and healing and more.


See displays of exquisite rare orchids which grow wild in the forests in Enga.

Traditional costume and dance, art exhibition, marching displays and student debate.

Other Show Activities

Take Anda Museum.PNG

The museum or "wisdom house" will enhance your appreciation and understanding of Enga’s cultures.

See displays of this unique Engan  contemporary art form, purchase works and visit the workshop to see how it's done and have a try.


Tour Laiagam District, visit high altitude salt ponds, taste traditional salt, earth oven cooking, fresh strawberries & honey.