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The singsing at the Enga Cultural Show is truly a spectacle to behold. There is no other time you will witness the incredible diversity of Engan culture all in one place than in the singsing arena at the Enga Cultural Show. 


Singsing groups from across all the six districts of Enga Province come together en masse to express pride in their culture and impress the crowd and the judges, with the authenticity of their costumes, chants, beats and movement, vying to take out the prize of best singsing group at the show. 

With literally hundreds of performers on display, all trying to stand out from the crowd, show goers can view the singsing from the grandstand and also get up close wandering through the dance arena amongst the singsing groups. 

The two most famous ceremonial dances are the “Mali and Shangai”. Mali is performed by both men and women and it is most often called the social dance. Shangai is performed after the traditional manhood initiation. 

The singsing is held over three days, and promises to deliver your most colourful and memorable impressions of the Enga Cultural Show.

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