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A visit to the traditional salt making ponds, on a tasting day tour through Enga’s food belt to the spectacular outlook over Lake Ivae, the source of the Sepik River.

Early morning start: Travel west by road from Wabag on and hour and a half drive up to the fertile Sirunki Plateau and venture through picturesque Laiagam District to the site of traditional Salt Ponds.

Arrive at Yokonda village and take a 30-minute mini-trek through a small forest grove and pretty local gardens to reach the salt ponds site. There is an entry fee of K35 to the salt ponds.

Hear first-hand the story of how salt was discovered some seven generations ago, see a demonstration of the traditional method that was used to extracted the salt and taste its extraordinary flavour.


After the salt ponds visit you can enjoy more tastes of Enga with a hearty traditional mumu lunch prepared by the locals back at Yokonda village. Then travel by road to Sirunki, the agricultural heart of the province, for something sweet, visiting a strawberry farm and honey apiary.

Stop off at Yaskom Resort-Hotel overlooking Lake Ivae, for refreshments and spectacular views of the lake before heading back to Wabag in the late afternoon.

You may choose to stay the night at Yaskom Lodge so can catch the sunset over the lake.


The Tasting Enga Tour package includes transport for the day, entry fee to salt ponds and the mumu lunch.


You can book either by contacting us here or email Yaskom Resort-Hotel on

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