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This remarkable museum is renowned for its comprehensive archaeological and anthropological presentation of the story of Enga, its people and its lore. 

To truly enhance your appreciation of the people and lifestyles of Enga Province a visit to the Take Anda Museum is a must!


You will be captivated by the stories of how societies have evolved over the centuries in this area and the purpose and significance of distinctly Engan traditional customs and rituals, many of which area still practiced today.


The centre features 11 years of research by anthropologists led by Dr. Polly Weissner and Museum Director Akii Tumu, with rare firsthand oral accounts of pre-contact Enga, photographs, books and articles by early missionaries and contributions by many local researchers and artists. 


There are exhibits including mysterious stone artefacts, wigs, war shields and miniature models of Enga architecture on display.


Take Anda is also known as 'Ende Take' which translates to "House of Wisdom" or "House of Values", and there is an entire wall inside the centre featuring Engan lore, a series of ancient sayings which serve as a guide to the morals and values of Engan society. 


The precinct also contains an art gallery and an artists' workshop where you can witness local artists, creating the renowned Enga sand painting. an art form that is uniquely and distinctly Engan.


The Take Anda Museum is located in Wabag Town and is open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays.

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