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The Crafts & Skills program at the Enga Cultural Show, is a where you can see the many traditional skills and trades that have been passed down through the generations, from father to son and mother to daughter, both orally and through their continuous practice.


In Papua New Guinea, it is the natural environment that has shaped the way of life of its peoples. Over generations past, the high altitude mountain people of Enga have developed arts, crafts, trades, skills and tools that are distinctly different from those found in other parts of the country.

At the Enga Cultural Show you will witness displays and demonstrations by local craftsmen and women making utensils such as stone axes, bows and arrows, bilums (string bags) and traditional carvings.

Other displays and demonstrations include:

 - Traditional Salt Making

- Traditional Gardening Process     

 - Traditional Fencing                              

- Traditional Bridge Construction

 - Traditional Eel Fish Trapping

- Traditional Oil Making

- Stone axe making 


Men and women from throughout the six districts in Enga come to take part in the Arts and Crafts program, displaying and selling their unique products, giving show goers the opportunity to purchase a precious authentic memento of their visit to Enga Province, often straight from the craftsman or woman who made it and at prices much cheaper than those in the souvenir stores elsewhere.

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