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The Enga Cultural Show will be staged in 2020 as planned, from Friday 7th – Sunday 9th of August and visitors from across Papua New Guinea are welcome.

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas said, “The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the tourism industry globally, but it also presents an opportunity for Papua New Guineans who might have been planning to travel overseas to instead turn inward and support our country’s tourism industry."

"We would like to welcome people from other provinces come to Enga to see our authentic cultural displays, experience our pure environment, enjoy our famous fresh food produce and the hospitality of our friendly people.”

The Enga Cultural show is an authentic display of traditional indigenous culture unlike anywhere else on Earth.

As the last province of Papua New Guinea to be contacted by the outside world, in the 1930’s, much of the traditional culture and way of life is intact and still being practiced today across Enga Province and the Enga Cultural Show bears witness to this.

Staged every year on the second weekend in August, the Enga Cultural Show, was established by the Enga Provincial Government more than 25 years ago, with the aim of preserving traditional cultural knowledge.

Today, it is the biggest annual event in the provinces with thousands of people travelling from across the province to attend. The attendees at the Enga Show are 99% locals as tribes from across the province travel in to Wabag to take part. But the show is still quite “undiscovered” by tourists.

With indigenous cultures and traditions across Papua New Guinea and the world are rapidly disappearing, the Enga Cultural Show has become central to preserving traditional cultural knowledge and expressions, encouraging Engan people, both young and old, to continue to value, practice, preserve and uphold their traditional culture

Find out more about what's on at the show here.


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