Getting to Enga

  • From Papua New Guinea's capital city, Port Moresby, there are daily flights to Wapenamanda Airport, which is sometimes listed as Wabag on online booking forms.

  • The route is serviced by Air Niugini and PNG Air.

  • The Wapenamanda Airport is a 25 minute drive from the town of Wabag, which is the provincial headquarters of Enga Province and where the annual Enga Cultural Show is staged.

  • Book your flight through our local airlines below:

Air Niugini: +675 327 3663


PNG Air: +675 722 22 151

Getting around in Enga

  • There are few options for transport from Wapenamanda Airport to Wabag. The provincial government provides a free shuttle bus service to and from the airport and local PMV buses operate all day between the airport and Wabag Town.

  • The bus driver is Domin Thomas. Phone # 73496239

  • Some accomodation places provide a courtesy bus for airport transfers.

  • Hire cars are also available and offer greater freedom to explore. Hire cars include knowledgeable local drivers.

  • Inquire through our contacts page if you wish to book a car or need assistance with making transport arrangements.

  • It is advised that you engage a local guide to accompany you as you move around the province, as nearly all of the land is under custom ownership and you are likely to be encroaching on 'private property' which could cause you trespass or offend local landowners if you do not approach in the correct way. Enquire or arrange a local guide on our contacts page.

Where to stay

Depending on your budget and what you want to see while you are in Enga Province, there are several options for where to stay.


Click here to see the list on our accomodations page.


  • The lodges and the hotels are the best places to eat in Enga.

  • In Wabag town, the locally owned Ribito Hotel restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu has an Asian influence, but they also serve pizza and the famous Ribito Burger.

  • Due to the abundant supply of fresh local potatoes, the chips in Enga are the best in PNG.


  • The Enga climate is extremely pleasant and not what you would expect from a tropical equatorial country. As the highest province in Papua New Guinea with elevations as high as 2000 meters, Enga's temperature is cooler than that of the coastal and low lying areas of PNG.

  • During the day it warms up to 27 degrees celsius but in the evening temperatures can get as low as 5 degrees. Rainfall is all year round.

  • Warm clothes are advised. Especially for the evenings, but it does warm up during the day. Hat and sunscreen are still recommended if you are out in the sun. The showgrounds can get quite muddy if there is rainfall, so appropriate footwear is also something to consider.


​There is internet and mobile phone access in Wabag and many other parts throughout Enga Province.

Telikom, Digicel and Bmobile are the service providers. Visitors from overseas can purchase a local SIM card at the Jackson's International Airport terminal in Port Moresby.


  • There is a Bank South Pacific (BSP) branch and a BSP ATM in Wabag Town.

  • Stalls at the Enga Cultural Show only take cash so come prepared if you plan to take advantage of the range of gift and artifact shopping at the show.

  • Most hotels and lodges in Wabag accept credit cards and EFTPOS payments.


  • The people of Enga are very friendly and safety for visitors is not of the same concern as in other larger urban centers in Papua New Guinea. Tourists are not common here and locals are always welcoming and proud to show visitors their culture and way of life.

  • The vast majority of law and order issues are around the traditional practice of tribal fights, which are contained between the disputing factions. Outsiders are of no interest in this disputes.

  • it is advised that you engage a tour guide to accompany you as you move around the province, as nearly all of the land is under custom ownership and you are likely to be encroaching on 'private property' which could cause you to trespass or offend landowners if you do not approach in the correct way. We can arrange a local guide for you. Contact us.

  • It is safe for the visitors to walk from any of the hotels and lodges in Wabag Town to the show grounds during the day, but it is advised to do so in a group of two or more.




Po Box 1277, Mt Hagen,


Tel/Fax:  675+5422162,

Mobile: 675+71562190,


With 20 years experience in the tourism industry and 100% locally owned, Miok Tropical Tours is a tour company based in Mt Hagen and Wabag specializing in local eco-tourism in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 




From the second weekend in August every year, Miok Tropical Tours runs a 12-day itinerary which begins with the Enga Cultural Show, followed by a site seeing through spectacular Enga Province, visiting fascinating attractions and cultures, before journeying to Western Highlands Province for the Mt Hagen Show.

Miok Tropical Tours can also tailor shorter trips.

You can opt to finish your tour earlier or join us midway through until the end.

  • 4 Nights + 5 Days  Enga Cultural Show

  • 4 Nights + 5 Days  Mt Hagen Cultural Show

  • 11 Nights+12 Days Enga + Hagen Cultural Show



  • Take a drive to Lake Sirunki and sample local produce for lunch or stay the night at Yaskom Lodge - 40 mins drive from Wabag Town, through breathtaking scenery, rows of lush food gardens framed by majestic mountains.

  • Visit the Laigam Salt Ponds, the source of ancient trade routes throughout the highlands region - 20 mins drive from Lake Sirunki.

  • Bliss out in the tranquility of Kumul Lodge for bird watching, orchid tours, visiti to a local village and nights by the fireplace. An hour's drive from Wabag Town, 30 minutes from Wapenamanda Airport.

  • Wander through time and learn ancient stories, lore the Engan traditional way of life at the Enga Take Anda Museum in Wabag Town.

  • Take a mini hike to the base of the majestic Yau Waterfall in Wabag - 15 mins hike.

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